Relationship Marketing Workshop

Join us at July 15, 2017 to learn about Relationship Marketing and how powerful an impact it can have on your business!  We will explore how Relationship Marketing differs from Traditional Marketing, what a solid Relationship Marketing strategy looks like and share many testimonials about successes achieved using these techniques.  Here is a link t … [Read more...]

Traditional vs Relationship Marketing

Did you know there is a difference?  Watch this short video in which Kody Bateman explains the differences between Traditional and Relationship Marketing and why it is so important to your business growth to incorporate Relationship Marketing immediately! We are relationship marketing specialists. Let us help you incorporate appreciation and … [Read more...]

Start Your New Year Off Right!

How would you like to start your New Year off on the right "relationship marketing" foot?  We can show you how to set up a 5-touch customer campaign like this motor sports dealership!  This is really mastering the art of relationship marketing.   … [Read more...]

Law Firm Using Relationship Marketing

Watch this 2 minute video that explains how an Orange County Law firm grew referrals and added a 40 million dollar case, using relationship marketing and SendOutCards!   … [Read more...]

Relationship Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between relationship marketing and traditional marketing? Check out this 2 minute video from SendOutCards CEO & Founder Kody Batemen. Kody breaks it down for us and helps explain why every business NEEDS to be utilizing relationship marketing, and why we can help! Contact us today to find … [Read more...]