Turnkey Holiday Cards for Businesses

SendOutCards just announced some brand new ready-made holiday campaign cards that make it super easy for you and your business to prepare and mail your cards this season. It's called the Holiday Signature Series, and it includes the following options: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year. As with the First … [Read more...]

Didn’t Get your Holiday Cards out on Time?

  But you'd still really like to reach out to friends and family?  Maybe you want to thank your customers for all their support during the past year? It's NOT too late!   Just send out Happy New Year cards!  We can help.         Contact us TODAY to get sta … [Read more...]

How to Send All Your Holiday Cards & Gifts In 10 Minutes

There's still time!!!  But don't delay! Click HERE to register for this webinar! Whether you are interested in personal or professional use, these webinars are for you. Save Time: Create and send custom Holiday cards in only a few minutes. Convenience: No waiting in long lines at the post office. Less Stress: We … [Read more...]

Create Your Holiday Cards With Us!

  Join us this Thursday for a Holiday Card Workshop!!   Whether you already have a SendOutCards account and just need some extra help getting your cards put together or want some new ideas, or you are thinking about using SendOutCards for your holiday cards and want to see all the possibilities -- come join the fun! Thursday, … [Read more...]

Don’t Do Your Holiday Cards Until You Read This!

  It's that time again!  The holidays are a great time to tell the important people in your life just HOW important they really are to you!  How many times have the Holidays slipped by without you sending out any holiday cards?  You had great intentions.  You may have even purchased the cards!  (Admit it, you know you have a box of unop … [Read more...]

Are You Ready for Holiday Cards?

  I know that it's hard to believe it, but NOW is the time to start planning for your holiday cards.  Don't fall victim to the last minute rush this year (you know you've done it!).  Taking a few easy steps now will ensure that you are in a position to send out your holiday cards in time this year -- without all the rush.  How about ac … [Read more...]