Photographer with CameraAre you a professional photographer?


Do you feel like you are working all the time?


Don’t you wish you could earn more money, but just don’t have the time?


Professional photography is a highly competitive market.  While we know you have the talent to take wonderful pictures for your customers and clients, don’t you wish there was something that would set you apart from your competition?

What if we could show you a system that would allow you to easily incorporate a product and service into your current photography business and give you the ability to earn additional immediate and residual income from your customers?

What if this product and service was so easy to do and to show your customers, that almost everyone you shoot photos for would want to use it?

What if you could turn this product into a money making business that has large income potential AND it complements your photography business?

Are you ready to see what it is? SendOutCards is a printed greeting card and gifting service that allows you to go online and create a custom (using your own photos) greeting card with your own personal message in less than 60 seconds. SendOutCards is revolutionizing the greeting card and gifting industry, taking it from Brick & Mortar to Click & Order.

Traditionally, photographers only make money when they are shooting photos and selling packages. With our system, a photographer can become a distributor, then show the service to all their customers, contacts, and other business partners. These customers, contacts and other business partners, in turn, use the service and all the while the photographer earns a monthly Residual Commission Check.

Wedding Thank YouHere are just a few of the ways a Photographer can use our system to grow their own business:

  • Sending cards to say thank you for the business
  • Sending cards to say thank you for a referral
  • Sending cards to satisfied customers asking for referrals
  • Including a free gift account (perhaps for 5 greeting cards) in a photo package with several of your customer’s photos already uploaded and ready to use.  We guarantee they’ll want to send more!
  • Offer your customers bulk cards using your (or their) photos
  • Offer your customers the ability to design their own calendars, photo books, posters, business cards, brochures, iPad or iPhone cases.  For a list of the other products available, click here.  (The beauty of “design their own” approach is you earn income, without spending your time on the activity of creating the items.)
  • If photo packages include any future services (first year anniversary, baby’s first year picture, etc) our system can send a reminder card automatically
  • Send follow up cards to customers offering a discount on future events (holiday photos, baby’s first year, graduation photos, etc.)
  • Sending birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc., cards to customers (helping you to build a lasting relationship)
  • Include the anniversary date in your Contact Manager and send an Anniversary card that won’t ever be thrown away. Offer an “Anniversary Special” couple’s picture at a discount – put your business card and photo (or coupon) inside the card.
  • Take a newborn photo?  Create a card with one of those pictures on the front, scheduled to go out in 3 or 6 months, with a reminder to schedule their next pictures!  The message?  “I bet your child has grown… Do they still look like this picture?”

Take our system for a free test drive today. Over to your right click on the “Click Here to Send a Free Card” button or just click here!  Send a free card on us today.

Benefits of using SendOutCards system.

  • Robust contact manager
    • Keeps all your contacts in one place
    • Create Groups for easy searching and sending
    • Automatic reminders for birthdays and anniversaries and other important dates
  • Ability to send multi-card campaigns with a single mouse click
  • Upload photos for custom cards (once uploaded they are secure and cannot be “downloaded,” only used within the system)
  • 17,000+ stock greeting cards available plus unlimited custom cards
  • Extensive online gift catalog that allows you to send gifts and gift cards with a card

With all these features and more ,what’s stopping you from checking out SendOutCards? Give us a call today and we can help you get more time freedom, earn more money and have more fun doing what you love to do—Taking Pictures.

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Image credit: elnur / 123RF Stock Photo