Growing your business on the go!

How easy to use is our system?  Check out how this tree faller sends cards from the tops of trees using his smart phone.  He has increased his business by 3 times in the first year using the system. It really is just this simple.  What are you waiting for?  Contact us today (931-809-0089) to learn how you can get started!   … [Read more...]

Law Firm Using Relationship Marketing

Watch this 2 minute video that explains how an Orange County Law firm grew referrals and added a 40 million dollar case, using relationship marketing and SendOutCards!   … [Read more...]

Turnkey Holiday Cards for Businesses

SendOutCards just announced some brand new ready-made holiday campaign cards that make it super easy for you and your business to prepare and mail your cards this season. It's called the Holiday Signature Series, and it includes the following options: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year. As with the First … [Read more...]

Event: Creating a Referral Based Real Estate Business

  Join us on Tuesday, 11/8/2016 from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm for a Lunch & Learn*   What's the secret to creating a referral based real estate business?  Simple. Business - like life - is all about relationships!  Those who learn to develop and nurture relationships in business inevitably out-perform and out-earn their c … [Read more...]

You haven’t tried the App yet? Whaaat?

  If you haven't tried the SendOutCards app - you are missing the boat folks!  The app gives you the ability to stay in touch even MORE easily with the important people in your life, whether they are prospects, customers, friends or family, all in seconds!  Check out this short tutorial for Android phones! And here's one for us iOS u … [Read more...]

Relationship Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between relationship marketing and traditional marketing? Check out this 2 minute video from SendOutCards CEO & Founder Kody Batemen. Kody breaks it down for us and helps explain why every business NEEDS to be utilizing relationship marketing, and why we can help! Contact us today to find … [Read more...]

Saying Thank You Can Add To Your Bottom Line

  I don't think I'm going out on a limb here by making this statement -- everyone likes to be appreciated.   Whether it's acknowledging a charitable donation, saying thank you when someone opens the door for you, or receiving a card in the mail thanking you for doing business with someone, the results are similar.  You feel good!  Based … [Read more...]

Birthday’s & Brownies!

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System Training Workshop – 5/21/16

  It's another fun-filled system training workshop! Join us to learn how to get more out of your SendOutCards account -- whether your goal is to be able to create beautiful cards for friends and family, or to remember your customers (so they remember you!), we've got your covered. … [Read more...]

Your SendOutCard Points Now Good for 18 Months!

Exciting news! SendOutCards is extending the timeframe for using your monthly subscription points! We previously expired points if they were not used within a year but we will now expire unused points at 18 months - but wait, there’s more! If a purchase of any kind has been made on your account within the previous 12 months from when the points w … [Read more...]