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What is your vision of an ideal fund raising activity?  Might it include:

  • Easy to get started
  • Small initial investment
  • Long-term, ongoing financial benefits, month after month!
  • A product EVERYONE already uses, that you can offer for less money!
  • No door-to-door sales (it’s all done online)
  • No money to collect, no NSF issues
  • No inventory (nothing to bake, freeze or haul)
  • No booths to set up or take down
  • No worries about the weather impacting your fund raiser
  • Nothing to deliver
  • Ability to sign up supporters from anywhere in the US, Canada, UK or Australia
  • Generate funds 24/7!

Sound about right?¬† We are Alecia and Michael Sparks and we represent an online card and gifting company that is changing the way¬† the WORLD sends cards and gifts.¬† Remember how we used to go to Blockbuster to rent our movies…then along came Netflix and we now go on line to purchase our movies?¬† Same concept with our company…. the only difference is that Netflix never offered a way for you to fund raise when you told¬† your friends and family about their service.¬† SendOutCards offers a more efficient, less expensive way to stay in touch, and gives your organization a means to raise funds by using the service and sharing it with others.

Contact us now for more information!  You can also go to this link and check out a special video that explains the program and how it can help you meet your fundraising goals!