Reasons to Send Cards in February!

Looking for some fun reasons to send a card this month? Well, February isn't just about Valentine's Day! Check out this list.  Let's get creative folks! Imagine your customer's reaction if they receive a "Happy National Almond Day" (February 16) card from you along with a gift of our gourmet almonds!  It's never been easier to build r … [Read more...]

Pay Attention! It’s a Card Flurry™!

The world needs more kindness. and our company is committed to spreading kindness and gratitude, one card at a time. The Card Flurry™ movement was created in an effort to leverage the power of kindness, as well as a network of generous people, to once a month impact one family or individual that is facing an unexpected crisis. Our goal is to shower … [Read more...]

System Training Workshop – 5/21/16

  It's another fun-filled system training workshop! Join us to learn how to get more out of your SendOutCards account -- whether your goal is to be able to create beautiful cards for friends and family, or to remember your customers (so they remember you!), we've got your covered. … [Read more...]

Your SendOutCard Points Now Good for 18 Months!

Exciting news! SendOutCards is extending the timeframe for using your monthly subscription points! We previously expired points if they were not used within a year but we will now expire unused points at 18 months - but wait, there’s more! If a purchase of any kind has been made on your account within the previous 12 months from when the points w … [Read more...]

Some Great Reasons to Send Cards in March!

  Looking for a few reasons to send a card to someone special this month?  Well, look no further!! Special idea for business professionals - March 10 is Popcorn Lover's Day! Send your top 5 customers an appreciation card and include this great Gourmet Popcorn Trio gift set in honor of Popcorn Lover's Day! We guarantee they won't f … [Read more...]

April 2014 Card Sending Opportunities

Are you as ready for spring as I am?  Spring brings to mind sunshine, warmer weather, green plants peaking out of the ground and birds singing in the trees.  I love spring!  It's a time for fresh beginnings -- whether you are beginning your garden or beginning a new appreciation campaign to tell the important people in your life how much they mean t … [Read more...]

March 2014 Card Sending Opportunities

    Have you seen any signs of spring yet?  If you live in the South like we do, you have probably already seen a little bit of green poking out of the ground (and I'm so excited about that!)   If you live elsewhere and are still dealing with all the snow and cold weather....sorry!   But just seeing those little signs of spring make … [Read more...]

February 2014 Card Sending Opportunities

    Do you think it's a coincidence that February is American Heart Month AND has Valentine's Day?  Do not miss this opportunity to tell the special people in your life that you care about them!   Imagine the reaction of a customer getting a card from you saying "We Love Our Customers!"  What are the odds that you will be the fir … [Read more...]

January 2013 Card Sending Opportunities

  January is the month when folks make their resolutions.  Make staying in touch with the important people in your life one of YOUR New Year resolutions.  Send an unexpected greeting card with a heartfelt message and touch someone's heart.  Don't wait to let people know how you feel about them.  January is chock-full of fun and unusual rea … [Read more...]

Send a Fresh Holiday Arrangement!

  I love wreaths and centerpieces!  In the past, bringing my family and friends a beautiful wreath to hang on their door (and a tin of homemade cookies) was something I loved to do!  Then I moved 1,000 miles away and that practice fell to the wayside.  But no more!  SendOutCards has added some beautiful fresh holiday arrangements to the Gif … [Read more...]